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Top 10 Reasons to “Workshop” This Summer

There are more than 10 reasons to join in the St. Ambrose Academy Summer Workshops this June and July, but these are our favorites, in reverse order.

#10. Get off the couch! The re-runs and all-too-familiar movies are just a drain on the brain and on time during the precious days of summer break. Get your mind –and body—into motion with “Physical and Spiritual Fitness through Chivalry” – it involves SWORDS!

#9. Have you created anything today? God created the universe in 7 days. You might not create a universe yourself… except on paper. Creative writing implies imagining worlds and characters and bringing them into being through your writing. Enjoy the thrill of creating something out of nothing!

#8. Rubbing elbows with Old Abe. Did you know that Abraham Lincoln was a soldier in the Blackhawk War, named after the Sauk chief Blackhawk who retreated through the land that now belongs to UW-Madison’s campus? Although he didn’t come as far north as Madison himself, Lincoln was part of the action. Find out more during the “Wisconsin History Tour” workshop. You might even sit on Lincoln’s lap (a long-time tradition) on Bascom Hill!

#7. Hear it from the horse’s mouth. What if learning could be painless? “We had a ton of fun inside and outside and learned a lot about our environment,” said Brennan B. after a workshop all about birds last summer. He wasn’t sitting at a desk. Instead, Brennan was exploring the greater Madison area with his friends!

#6. Don’t be slothful. We’re not talking about the fungus-covered, slow-moving animal. We’re talking about gifted, vibrant young people that shouldn’t waste a second – even in summer—developing their God-given talents WHILE deepening relationships with their friends or friends-to-be.

#5. Jousting! Need we say more?!

#4. Break out of “boring”! Have you counted all the ceiling tiles and taken note of all the dust on your computer screen? It’s time to traipse into the woods and take delight in all the wildlife and plants that you would never notice outside of your normal routine!

#3. Field trip after field trip! Have field trips always been a school highlight for you? Whether you go for daily walks in the woods (“Trees and the Life Around Them”) or visit sites of historic importance in and around Madison (“Wisconsin History Tour”), you will enjoy field trip after field trip without any busywork in between.

#2. Get a taste. Not sure if rockin’ it at school and appreciating the awesomeness of our Catholic faith is for you? Give the Ambrose Advantage – having it ALL in academic and religious formation—a test drive through a Summer Workshop experience.

And now, the #1 reason: 

Do you have all the friends that you want?! More than just “Facebook friends,” you can start a meaningful friendship at a Summer Workshop. Maria D. says so: “I enjoyed being able to meet new people and learn new skills.” Maria D. wouldn’t lie.

Don’t let finances be an obstacle. Financial assistance is available. Registration is easy and online.

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