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Hello, Dolly! performance a hit: “Best show yet!”

The community is still basking in the joy of our student performances of Hello, Dolly! that took place Mar 31 – Apr 2 at the Verona High School PAC.  And students and families are still humming and singing the catchy tunes!

The 2017 St. Ambrose Academy student cast and crew of Hello, Dolly!

Friends who came described it as “fabulous!”, “the best performance we’ve seen in years!”, “…better than the professional show we saw in New York (Denver, Chicago, etc.).”  It was wholesome, hilarious entertainment for the ages!  What’s more – after greeting and congratulating the cast following the shows – we heard just as many compliments about the students and their intelligence, maturity, respect, social ease, kindness and humility.  In short, they’re full of wisdom and virtue – and everyone can see they will create a bright future not only for themselves, but for everyone around them!  It’s exactly the fruitfulness we plan into our program of Catholic and classical education, as we partner with families to carry out this mighty work of God.

Natalie Davies as Dolly Levi:  “she nailed it!”… “the perfect Dolly!”

We’re so proud of these students and their hard work.  Thank you to one and all for another AMAZING music drama experience!  The memory of your skill and love will remain with our school family for generations to come.

Thanks also to the many friends across the community who came to be entertained and to support our drama program.  Roughly 90% of our student body participated again this year to bring you this beauty.  They started practicing before Christmas last year!  And in the weeks leading up to the performance, they were getting home around 10 p.m. after a school day and rehearsal – without falling behind in studies.  They were tired, for sure.  But they all experienced tremendous character growth and accomplishment through their perseverance and digging deep.  Does anyone want to hire such a student to work for (lead) your company later in life?  Is this the kind of person you’d like to serve you in your hour of need someday?

Lead cast and director, Angela Hineline, celebrate their accomplishments and give thanks

Smart, loving people committed to Christ make life better.  And by their example, they help keep our eyes fixed on the next.  That’s what we mean when we say we’re, “Helping students reach their extraordinary potential.”  Year after year we see this happening, especially because of the support of our families and community.  Thank you!  Please let us know how you’d like to be involved, so we can be even stronger – for students, families, the Church, and our nation.

We’re already looking forward to having you join us next spring for another top-rate musical… “don’t let this parade pass you by!”

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