The National Association of Private Catholic and Independent Schools (NAPCIS) first granted accreditation to St. Ambrose in 2009 at the culmination of a years-long process to meet NAPCIS’ rigorous standards:  “NAPCIS accreditation provides for administrators, teachers, and parents a means of identifying schools that are effective in adhering to their Catholic mission and quality of education – schools that have a demonstrated focus on salvation of souls and academic excellence.” (

In addition to demonstrating this focus through the 15 STANDARDS OF EXCELLENCE, St. Ambrose must define and reach goals to move the school forward in its mission.  The school was awarded re-accreditation in 2016 for doing just that.  St. Ambrose board vice president Grant Emmel commented on the process:

We are grateful for the visiting team’s efforts and recommendations as we continue helping parents prepare their children for the future by our unceasing efforts to improve St. Ambrose Academy in all areas.”

Just as Catholics must re-dedicate themselves to the path to holiness each day, “the accreditation process through NAPCIS is our chance as a school to recommit ourselves to our noble mission to form [students] academically and spiritually.”

The board of directors and administration have already begun working on NAPCIS’ recommendations in anticipation of the next accreditation deadline in 2022.

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