Active Waiting List


One of the benefits of a St. Ambrose education is the close-knit community that our school offers. You can become part of that community long before your son or daughter enrolls by joining the no-obligation St. Ambrose Academy Active Waiting List. Whether your son or daughter is a member of the graduating class of 2018 or 2034, here are some of the benefits to having your child(ren) added to the list early:

Admission Preference: We seek to provide an education in faith to all qualified applicants. But, in the face of growing enrollment and uncertain demographic trends, there may be years in which facility or staff constraints force us to cap enrollment. Although a position on the waiting list does not guarantee admission, it does give a child priority over students added later to the waiting list.

Building Friendships: Help ease your child’s transition to middle school or high school by building friendships with future classmates. It is natural for children to be concerned about entering a new school with new circumstances and new surroundings. A familiar face can relieve these concerns. Children on the waiting list have opportunities to meet other children who will enter St. Ambrose Academy in the same class. By participating in social gatherings and fun activities, the incoming students can begin to form friendships so that the first day of a school is a reunion of friends and old acquaintances.

Parent Fellowship: Start building fellowship with like-minded parents of children the same age as your child(ren). Social gatherings for parents of future St. Ambrose Academy students provide an opportunity to meet with area Catholics who are also seeking to secure an education in faith for their children.

Important Updates: Receive the St. Ambrose Academy e-newsletter and quarterly printed newsletter to stay informed of developments at your child’s future school. St. Ambrose Academy is still in its formative years, growing each year in enrollment and educational opportunities. By following the growth in the school, you will be better prepared for your child’s entrance and better able to share the status of the school with family and friends.

Make an Impact: Active Waiting List families have the opportunity to meet with the principal and president of St. Ambrose Academy to help influence the direction of the school’s development. The administration is pleased to meet with parents of students on the waiting list and to receive their input on their child(ren)’s present and future needs for an education in faith. This sort of participation can help to guide the school in fulfilling its mission.

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