St. Ambrose Academy, Inc. – Annual Report

Over 14 years, the impact of St. Ambrose Academy continues to grow exponentially. Consider just a few students touching their families, parishes and communities through their love for the Catholic faith. Now, consider a growing community of well-educated, well-catechized students coming from the corners of the Diocese of Madison to serve their neighbors and then graduating to serve out in the world.

It is no surprise, then, that enrollment and benefactor support are on the rise.  People want to be part of a winning team and something great.  With Christ, there’s no more certain victory… no more greater work.  We are excited for the improving financial condition of the school, and even more, the strategic work that underlies these improvements and growth.  We will accelerate toward our capacity, but we do intend to remain a small school, making an extraordinary impact for good.

We invite you to review our 2015-2016 annual report to inform you of our proud progress, and to encourage you in this impact.  As one parent recently said,

“Everywhere you look [at SAA], you see another example of good, solid young people being formed into the type of adults you would like to see walking down the street, forming policy, guiding schools in the future, and taking care of you.”

Everyone wins when we raise up a generation of wise, virtuous, loving people.  There is no doubt… that’s exactly the impact we’re making.  God bless you for your interest and support!  There is always more work to do in the Vineyard.

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