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“Sports are not merely the exercise of muscles, but the school of moral values and of training in courage, in perseverance, and in overcoming laziness and carelessness.”  

  ~ Pope St. John Paul II

From the Desk of the St. Ambrose Academy Athletic Director:

We have both spiritual and practical goals for the students involved in our athletics program and in each ECA:

  • To respect and care for their bodies as made in the likeness and image of God
  • To learn courage and perseverance through athletic difficulty
  • To develop loyalty toward and love for fellow students through participation in team athletics
  • To foster respect for those in authority by participating in competition
  • To give example of their faith by their sincerity and goodness through demonstrations of sportsmanship

I am pleased to be involved with our athletics program for several reasons. There are strategic aspects to building up the extracurricular activities for the school. However, I take great joy in providing these opportunities for the students and seeing their personal progress as they do these activities. It’s just a good way for me to do my part to make the school successful and the students prepared to succeed.

I encourage all of our students to take up a sport, even if he or she doesn’t feel naturally gifted in sports. Games or sports are a model of life. They provide a way for students to ‘practice’ those same skills used in ‘normal’ life that will be needed once they leave St. Ambrose Academy, without the fear of failure or significant ramification. The idea that you can ‘walk away’ from a sporting event with a smile, win or lose, is the basis for good sportsmanship and a healthy way to practice an approach to those difficult situations in the ‘real world’ that may or may not work out as well as you had expected or hoped.

Go Guardians!

In Christ,

Grant Emmel, Athletics Director

Current Sports available to St. Ambrose Academy Students:

Boys' Cross CountryBoys and Girls Cross Country 

The Guardians Cross-Country team is a vibrant and fun organization that offers its members the opportunity for physical challenge, self-discipline, teamwork, and spiritual growth. Athletes hit the trails from August through October of each year, following a summer of individual conditioning work.

Click here for the 2016 Cross Country schedule

Boys Soccer 

St. Ambrose Academy participates in a co-op with Abundant Life Christian School and Madison Country Day School to field a Varsity Soccer team.

dsc_0086Girls Volleyball

St. Ambrose Academy participates in a co-op with Abundant Life Christian School for both JV and Varsity teams. All home games take place at Abundant Life Christian School on Madison’s east side.

Click here for the 2016 Volleyball schedule

Challengers football players carry the ball down the field.8-Man Football

St. Ambrose Academy boys form a co-op eight-man football team with students of Madison’s Abundant Life Christian School to compete in the WIAA – Great 8 South Conference.

Click here for the 2016 Football Schedule

12809553_969995893035510_5877801850678587749_nBoys and Girls Basketball

12832476_977302372304862_5383467392858736120_nSt. Ambrose participates in a co-op with Abundant Life Christian School for JV and Varsity for both Boy’s and Girl’s Basketball in WIAA Division 5.  Stay tuned for more details.

Girl’s Soccer

St. Ambrose Academy Girls co-op with Abundant Life and Madison Country Day to field a Soccer team.  Stay tuned for more details about our upcoming 2017 Spring season.

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Team sports such as football are an important way to educate people to respect one another including their adversaries, to show a spirit of personal sacrifice for the good of the entire group, and to respect the gifts of each member of the team; in a word, to overcome the logic of individualism and selfishness which often characterize human dealings, and so leave space for the logic of fraternity and love, the only thing capable of authentically promoting the common good, at all levels.”

~ Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI

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Sport is a universal language, which brings peoples close and can contribute to have persons meet and overcome conflicts. Therefore, I encourage you to live the sports dimension as a training ground of virtue in the integral growth of individuals and communities.

~ Pope Francis

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