St. John Paul II Society

Blessed John Paul II inspired St. Ambrose's foudners.

St. John Paul II’s vision was the inspiration for St. Ambrose’s founders.

Everything we do must begin, continue and find completion in prayer if we wish to know and love the Will of God.  Therefore, let us pray ceaselessly for one another.

The St. John Paul II Society is a special group of friends and “prayer warriors” that have made a long-term commitment to St. Ambrose’s mission.  The society takes its name from St. John Paul II, the pope whose vision of a “New Evangelization” to revitalize the Catholic Church inspired the school’s founders.  Society members have great interest in the rigorous academic and faithful religious formation of young people so that each new generation can lead in the Church and in the culture at large.  We know this takes the mystical help of grace of prayer to carry out such an important feat.  Therefore, society members choose to offer daily prayers for our students, staff and faculty.

We are emboldened by your support of prayer, and remember each mission friend daily in our own.

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