At St. Ambrose, classical education is characterized by Socratic dialogue based on primary texts.St. Ambrose provides a liberal arts education, which means that students read, understand and discuss the primary texts of the most influential ideas of the most influential thinkers in Western Civilization. Our students are reading Plato’s works to Abraham Lincoln’s speeches to Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI’s writings. They’re also reading Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto and Machiavelli’s The Prince to expose them to moral problems and logical fallacies. This classical education approach develops students’ learning skills so they become intelligent, disciplined and well-spoken thinkers. Students come away able to memorize facts, read and understand primary texts, critically analyze complex ideas, form sound opinions, logically defend truths, and eloquently articulate conclusions. At St. Ambrose, we “teach ‘em to think.” Find out more.

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