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  • Madison Capital Time Article – Posted 9/24/2008
    The Madison Capital Times did a cover story article on St. Ambrose Academy.
  • St. Ambrose Trifold Brochure – Posted 9/2/2011
    This tri-fold brochure provides a summary of the St. Ambrose mission and philosophy, including a description of our five cornerstones: 1) formation in the Faith, 2) academic excellence, 3) growth in holiness, 4) Catholic fellowship, and 5) service to others.
  • The Lost Tools Of Learning – Posted 9/22/2008
    This 1947 article by Dorothy Sayers was a catalyst for a renewal of interest in classical education.
  • Buechner Scholarship Brochure – 2013 Buechner Scholarship Application deadline has passed.
  • Policy for Severe Weather – Posted 12/20/2012

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Student Documents

  • Assignment Sheet – Posted 8/30/2006
    St. Ambrose students can print this sheet out, 3-hole punch it, place it in their binder, and use it to record the week’s assignments. At the end of the week (or whatever time period they want), when they’ve checked off all assignments, they can print out a fresh one and start over.
  • Grading Scale – Posted 8/30/2006
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