Fall 2016 Media Campaign

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Radiating the Gospel

Having worked in radio, I easily connect with the idea of broadcast media as effective tools to reach the masses with the Gospel. In fact, the nature of Light is to “radiate” and dispel darkness – physical or spiritual.  At first, radiation might bring about a painful experience. But, then it most often effects true and lasting perspective and healing.

A Christian is never bored or sad. Rather, the one who loves Christ is full of joy and radiates joy!”  ~ Pope Francis

A St. Ambrose education is a vital gift to our families and world because it radiates the meaningfulness of our lives – as God intended from all eternity. We want this light to shine for the whole Madison community to see! Let’s BE the community of invitation – helping families understand the genius of a classical (liberal arts) education, rooted in the Light of Catholic Truth. This combination of training offers our young people an incredible advantage for reaching their extraordinary potential.

We need YOU!

We’re on a mission of improvement and growth.  We have opportunity to harness the broadcast media to get the word out so as to draw many more families in.  Will you help us fund a Fall Media Campaign today, to reach over 100,000 individuals each week in Dane County and beyond? We’ll hit our target demographic audience in prime radio and television spots during peak morning and afternoon consumption patterns and commute times.

For an investment of $2,900, we can purchase high-rotation, prime advertising (at discount rates) for 4 full weeks, radiating our message that we provide families and students their brightest future possible and inviting everyone to come see how.

We’ve almost reached our goal — THANK YOU!  (please still offer help, if you can, to get us over the top)

#861224 Raised $2,800 towards the $2,900 target.

YOU can help us get our Relevant Radio 60 second advertisement on 1310 WIBA-AM (coverage map) and also become the exclusive sponsor of a cable public awareness campaign featured on Lifetime, ESPN, Bravo and others.

Will you please chip in $10, $100 or $1,000 right now to grow this gift of a St. Ambrose education to more students? We pledge to stand in the educational gap today – and point to the Blessed Trinity as the Source and Summit of all Truth and amazing human achievement.

Please DONATE now to broadcast the light of this exceptional Catholic, classical education – which is creating exceptionally bright futures for these students and for all of us.

Donate online, or mail your check to:  St. Ambrose Academy, 602 Everglade Dr, Madison, WI 53717

Thank you for your partnership and help! Together, we’re doing amazing things in the Lord!  St. Gabriel, patron of broadcasters, pray for us.

Jubilee Joy & Peace,

Joseph Draves, Development Director


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