Gifts of Appreciated Stock

Stock CertificateAppreciated stock can be an ideal way for donors to increase giving impact at a considerably reduced cost, because of a double tax benefit.

Here’s how the double tax benefit works:

Suppose you decide to give 100 shares of stock with a current fair market value of $5,000.  You bought the stock for only $1,000 more than a year ago.  Today, you can deduct the full $5,000 on this year’s income tax return (the first tax benefit).  The $4,000 capital gain is not taxed, even though it has “inflated” your charitable deduction.  Avoiding the capital gain tax makes it possible to give stock at a lower actual cost to you rather than making a cash gift (the second tax benefit).  Win-Win!  You save!  The charity gets a superabundant impact!

You must have owned the shares for at least one year, and deductions and exemptions are subject to legal limits.  Please consult your investment and/or tax advisors to understand available benefits according to your personal circumstances.

If you’re ready to make a stock donation to St. Ambrose, please provide your administrator company our Brokerage Account Information to schedule your donation transfer:

Account Name:  St. Ambrose Academy, Inc.

Account Number:  51V-04121

DTC Number:  5198

Receiving Brokerage:  Merrill Lynch | 200 Josephine St | Denver, CO  80206 | (720) 941-2056



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