2016 Graduation

St. Ambrose proudly commends the Class of 2016

It just might be one of the most beautiful Masses of the year.  Yes, the St. Ambrose Graduation Mass (before the ceremony) is a slice of heaven, with young voices blending in polyphony for the Mass parts.  The Graduation homily from Fr. Bart Timmerman, pastor at St. Thomas Aquinas Parish (where St. Ambrose resides) wasn’t half-bad either.  We jest.  “You have a small school, a very small class,” reflected Fr. Bart. “Don’t be afraid that you are just one person. Remember the five loaves and the two fish. With Christ all things are possible.”  The seven senior high graduates are a small group, but they have amazing gifts through their time at St. Ambrose to offer in service of the Church, which the Lord can than multiply with amazing results!

During the Graduation ceremony, World War II veteran and long-time friend of St. Ambrose, Ralph Buechner, shared the story of his time at Iwo Jima in the Pacific theater.  The chapel on board went from mostly empty with a few attendees to packed as the ship approached land.  Ralph witnessed Catholic, Protestants and atheists turn to God.  He declared, “I’m a God-made man.”  Seniors Stephen Carey and Kate Wells presented the valedictory and salutatory addresses, respectively.  Michelle Kachel received the Christian Service Award.

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