Guardians for Life

The Guardians for Life is a student-run pro-life club at St. Ambrose Academy.

Stop Abortion Now

Guardians for Life offers students the opportunity to get involved in a number of pro-life initiatives, including assisting at the Sharing Center (housed in the Catholic Multicultural Center) two-three times a year, participating as a prayer warrior outside Planned Parenthood at least once during 40 Days for Life, assisting St. Thomas Aquinas with its annual Mother’s Day diaper drive, and attend and assist with other pro-life events, rallies, and groups as available.


SAA students bundled up against freezing temps to join the 2016 Chicago March for Life. 

Some Club Activities:
Pregnancy Helpline
  • 3rd Saturday of the month from 9-noon
  • Sharing Center in the Catholic Multicultural Center
  • sort baby clothes and other donations

40 Days for Life

  • 1 hour once a week
  • Pray for the closing of abortion clinics and for a culture a life to flourish

Parish Drive for Sharing Center

  • Work with St. Thomas Aquinas on their Mothers’ Day Crib Fill
  • Monthly Rosary for Life prayed in the St. Thomas Aquinas chapel
Cupcakes for LifeChocolate and vanilla birthday cupcakes


  • National day is October 9
  • Birthday cupcakes for aborted babies without birthdays
  • Hand out in UW library mall in partnership with St. Paul’s
Would you like a cupcake?Students hold banners on the UW Mall explaining "Cupcakes for Life"Students hand out cupcakes on the UW Mall.
Would you like a cupcake? Having a thoughtful discussion about being pro-life SAA Faculty hand out cupcakes with students.


Cupcakes, anyone?

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