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What legacy will you leave?

Many Americans – especially people of Faith — make sacrifices throughout their lifetime to be good stewards of their treasure, and end up building some wealth in the process.  Yet few of us have planned what will happen to our wealth and possessions after the Lord calls us Home.

Did you know that 55% of American adults do not have a will or estate plan?  (Lexis Nexis, 2015)

Without a plan, a court could easily distribute your estate in a manner that is not in accord with your Faith, family’s needs or your charitable wishes.  Most of us would rather support our heirs and worthy charities rather than attorneys and the government as a result of legal disputes and missed tax advantages.

With a plan, you maintain “stewardship control” of your hard-earned resources and can create the legacy you wish to leave; consistent with your Catholic values!

Including St. Ambrose in your estate plan is a terrific plan!

Legacy Gifts Brochure

It could afford you many distinct tax benefits now and in the future.  But most importantly, it’s a commitment now to make a gift in the future that helps save souls long after your own soul has been saved.  I’ve never seen another organization like St. Ambrose in it’s regularity to inspire and form lifelong disciples of Jesus Christ.  But I’m not surprised either.  We create genuine encounter with Christ in our studies, regular prayer, Sacramental life, commitment to service, moral discernment and choices, and the virtue we bring to all our interactions with one another.  This intimate encounter with Christ living in us makes our relationship with Him real – and becomes our primary desire.  Young people naturally come to know and love Him here, and leave firmly resolved to walk in His Way for life.

So you see — encouraged to store up our treasure in heaven — including St. Ambrose in your estate plan is such an important legacy to make!  I’d love to speak with you about this and answer your questions.

Please contact me (Development Director, Joseph Draves) to start a conversation and/or request an advisor referral, at josephd@ambroseacademy.org or (920) 284-4771.

There are several estate giving options.  The most common way would be to name St. Ambrose as a designated beneficiary in a financial account, trust, or in a will.  But since each of these options is personal in matter, we highly recommend you seek the guidance of a professional financial planner or advisor, attorney or accountant to determine the arrangements that best serve your financial needs and philanthropic goals.  When designating St. Ambrose for any option, please refer to our legal business information as it appears below:

Registered Charity Name:  St. Ambrose Academy, Inc.

Federal Tax ID (EIN):  75-3091931

Primary Charity Address:  602 Everglade Dr | Madison, WI  53717 | (608) 827-5863

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