Hello, Dolly! “Sweeps” the TOMMY Award Nominations!

Dolly with Waiters at the Harmonia Gardens Restaurant

The judges that nominate and award Madison-area high school theatrical productions to recognize excellence through the TOMMY Awards came to Hello, Dolly! They saw an incredible display of theatrical talent in the St. Ambrose ensemble. They came. They saw. As far as nominations go, St. Ambrose’s production conquered… the hearts of the audiences and in every category that the judges considered. Yes, Hello, Dolly! really swept the nominations, garnering the highest praise in every category.  One judge commented:

St. Ambrose Academy’s production of Hello, Dolly! was a joy from beginning to end. There was an absolute comfort and ease to this production. The performers went above and beyond learning their individual roles. They created lively characters in a specific time and place, developed strong onstage relationships and were given time and space to blossom. This level of confidence invited the audience to sit back and enjoy a marvelous afternoon in the theater. Congratulations to St. Ambrose Academy’s entire cast, crew and staff.”

The number of nominations are too many to list. But, click here for the complete list. Just a few notable nominations included: “Outstanding Musical,” “Outstanding Ensemble,” “Outstanding Lead Performance,” “Outstanding Supporting Performance,” “Outstanding Direction,” etc.

Given the hard work put into the musical by our students and parent volunteers, we know that they deserve the recognition. Now, we look forward to the actual award announcements!

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