St. Ambrose Novena Prayer

Tuesday, Nov. 28 – Thursday, Dec. 7, 2017


  • St. Ambrose, Bishop of Milan (340-379)
  • Feast Day: December 7
  • Patron of Learning, Students, Beggars, Beekeeping, Candle makers

O God, in whose Providence and Protection we share in the pursuit of Truth, reveal to us your beloved Son, the Incarnate Word of God, through the discernment and purity of the Holy Spirit, and enlighten our minds to serve you all the days of our lives. We ask this through the merits of Ambrose, the spiritual father of Augustine, that he may lead us to Perfect Knowledge and Perfect Love. Amen.

Holy St. Ambrose, you are known as the “Honey Tongued Doctor” because of your ability to help others learn the Truth of Christianity. God blessed you with faith, understanding and the great ability to preach the sweet words of the Gospel. We invoke your powerful intercession, confident in the hope that you will hear our prayers and obtain for us abundant special graces from our heavenly Father.

Day 1 – Tuesday, Nov. 28:  Pray for us, that as a school community we will always keep Christ at the center of our mission in all things big and small.

Day 2 – Wednesday, Nov. 29:  Pray for us, that we will always resolutely seek Truth — no matter the personal cost.

Day 3 – Thursday, Nov. 30:  Pray for us, that we will receive God’s grace to employ our knowledge to love and serve in building His kingdom on Earth.

Day 4 – Friday, Dec. 1:  Pray for us, that we will always be open to listening and learning during the Holy Mass and while in prayer.

Day 5 – Saturday, Dec. 2:  Pray for us, that we may continue to learn how to find God and love Him in all the things He has made.

Day 6 – Sunday, Dec. 3:  Pray for us, that we may always fully employ our gifts and talents in the service of God’s mission—the mission of the Redeemer—through St. Ambrose Academy.

Day 7 – Monday, Dec. 4:  Pray for us, that our school will continue to thrive and serve the needs of our students, Church, and community according to Our Heavenly Father’s most holy and perfect will.

Day 8 – Tuesday, Dec. 5:  Pray for us, that our annual Benefit Dinner Gala will glorify God in the service of our school’s mission and allow Him to inspire and embolden the lives of all involved.

Day 9 – Wednesday, Dec. 6:  Pray for us, that during this season of Advent we may prepare our minds and hearts to fully welcome our Lord Jesus Christ — that we may joyfully participate ever more fully in the obedience of faith and spreading the sweet fragrance of Mercy everywhere.

Closing Prayer – Thursday, Dec. 7

Dear St. Ambrose, on this your Feast Day, we invoke your powerful intercession for the intentions of our school community.  We pray that we may glorify God in the pursuit of our mission to assist parents in the formation of their children by providing a classical education rooted in the Catholic faith.

Through our Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever.


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