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“Almsgiving proceeds from a merciful heart and is more useful for the one who practices it than for the one who receives it, for the man who makes a practice of almsgiving draws out a spiritual profit from his acts, whilst those who receive his alms receive only a temporal benefit.” 

~ St. Thomas Aquinas


St. Ambrose Academy is committed to keeping tuition costs low to make our education accessible to local families.  Tuition is $5,975 for the 2016-2017 school year — roughly half of the average private Catholic high school tuition.

Nearly one third of our 100 students receive tuition assistance, which totaled $147,500 in 2015-2016.  Plus the actual cost to educate a student is slightly higher than our tuition rate.  That’s why St. Ambrose turns to the greater community and benefactors for support.  It is only with the help of our benefactors that we can continue to provide families and students with an affordable option – yet an excellent Catholic, classical education.

As the Scriptures impress, a Mother does everything to take care of her young.  Therefore, the Church as our Mother also strives to take care of ALL her children, by providing a proper education even to those who cannot pay.

We are humbled by and eternally grateful for our donors care in making this formation possible.  Our students will not disappoint you!

Please consider contributing now to our Annual Fund, in any number of ways.  THANK YOU!!

We invite you to review our most recent Annual Report for more detailed financial information about St. Ambrose Academy.

And finally, we welcome your ideas to grow our mission support and impact.  Please contact Development Director, Joseph Draves, with your ideas at or (920) 284-4771.

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