2017 Summer Workshops

Keep summer fun, enriching and social!  Sign up with your friends and make new ones!  But HURRY… space is limited.

General Information

  • Summer workshops are designed to enrich students in the greater Madison community who are entering grades 5-10 this Fall (2017).
  • All workshops will be based at St. Ambrose Academy, located in the education wing at St. Thomas Aquinas Parish (602 Everglade Dr, Madison, WI  53717).  While each session will begin and end in the Social Hall – we will be including several off-site field trips as part of the overall learning experience.
  • Financial assistance is available for those who require it.
  • Please call our school office at (608) 827-5863 for more information or to register.  You may also sign and return this printable registration form, if you prefer.
  • Before a workshop begins, you will receive a welcome email from the instructor with any instructions for the week. You will also receive a ‘Contact and Permission Form’ to be returned by the first day, which includes agreeing to the Guidelines on the back of this registration form for your child.

Workshop Descriptions

TREES AND THE LIFE AROUND THEM:  June 19- 23  |  8:00am – 12:00pm  |  $125.00   |  Recommended for those entering 5th-10th grade  |  Max enrollment: 20

Mr. Andy Galvin, St. Ambrose parent and conservation biologist, leads this fascinating exploration of the different ecological communities of Southern Wisconsin. With daily field study, students will learn how to identify trees, understand their role in the ecosystem, and discover the flora and fauna that both depend on them and nourish them.

WISCONSIN HISTORY TOUR:  June 26-30  |  8:00am – 12:00pm  |  $125.00  |  Recommended for those entering 5th-10th grade  |  Max enrollment: 20

St. Ambrose history teacher Mr. Michael Kwas will lead an exciting week exploring Wisconsin history through its artifacts, landscape and architecture. The tour includes visits to the State Historical Society in Madison, the State Historical Museum, areas of glaciation, landmarks commemorating the Black Hawk War, and designations that highlight Wisconsin’s rich religious history. Throughout the tour, students will keep a historical journal and learn how to ask questions about history and draw conclusions based on these historic sites.

PHYSICAL AND SPIRITUAL FITNESS THROUGH CHIVALRY:  July 17-21  |  8:00am – 12:00pm  |  $125.00  |   Recommended for those entering 5th-10th grade  |  Max enrollment: 20

This workshop for boys and girls emphasizes physical and spiritual fitness through Knightly training. Participants will play the same games and perform the same exercises that Knights did during the Middle Ages and learn the fundamentals of swordplay, jousting and horsemanship. We’ll also learn about nutrition and the importance of healthy eating as part of taking care of our temple. Above all, our participants will learn and practice the importance of service to the poor among us and to Our Lord, Jesus Christ.

CREATIVE WRITING:  July 24-28  |  8:00am – 12:00pm  |  $125.00  |  Recommended for those entering 5th-10th grade  |  Max enrollment: 20

St. Ambrose English teacher, Ms. Katie Behrens, will guide students in learning how to write clear, captivating narrative.  Young writers will combine reading and observing the world from a storyteller’s point of view to inform their writing of short stories and/or poems.  Participants will collaborate as they learn tools of language, read some great literature, and practice writing in a variety of genres in many different spaces, indoors and out.  Come find inspiration from others and leave a more confident author!

Don’t take a vacation from learning or growing in virtue!

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